1st Annual Love Your Pet Month

Three Peas Consignments is excited to announce that we have partnered with The Baltimore Humane Society for a fundraising event this May. During the entire month of May, Three Peas Consignments will donate 20% for each purchase made in our Ebay store. All donations will be handled through the Ebay Giving Works foundation and will go directly to the Baltimore Humane Society. Donations will be used  to sustain and enhance all the wonderful programs and services that BHS offers. In addition, for those following us on social media, we will be sharing tons of great information and photos. A teaser of what’s to come includes:

  • Photos and stories of adorable animals up for adoption at BHS. Get ready for cuteness overload!
  • Information at the Baltimore Humane Society and its programs. Did you know that BHS offers low cost veterinary services to the public? Have you ever participated in the Sarah Jayne Orton Memorial Walk?
  • NEW boards on Pinterest. Check out the Love Your Pet Month board for all things pet related. From pet friendly recipes to toys to helpful tips.
  • Amazing stories from around the world about animals that defy all conventional wisdom.

The Baltimore Humane Society was founded to protect the region’s pets and to address their suffering, providing a safe and caring refuge for animals who are often forgotten. Inherent in their mission is a set of tenants through which they operate – Live Humane * Lead Humane * Believe Humane * Dream Humane.

We support the Baltimore Humane Society and hope that you are inspired to help too! 







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