101 Awesome Stay-cation Ideas: Part 1

Planning a stay cation this year or trying to prevent “boredom blues”? Check out this list of the BEST free and inexpensive activities to keep your kids (or even the neighbor’s kids) busy all summer long!

1. Let’s your child’s imagination go wild by creating a homemade board game.

2. Go Geochaching. Grab a GPS device and take your family on a treasure hunt.

3. Enjoy a movie at a drive in theatre

4. Create a comic strip or cartoon series

5. Make a book. Have your child write their life story or create a new work of fiction.

6. Have kids collect fireflies. Be sure to release them later.

7. Have your family grow a small garden. And teach recycling by composting your trash.

8. Fly a kite. Be sure to choose an area that is relatively free of obstacles.

9. Create an obstacle course in the back yard.

10. Create your own slip-n-slid with a tarp, sand bags, and water.

11. If you are stuck inside, make a fort with sheets, furniture, and other household stuff.

12. Visit the local library. Sign up kids 13 and under for Summer Book Club.

13. Go out on the lake and play on the water. Tubing, Skiing, and swimming on the lake are awesome in the summer.

14.  Let the kids try their hands at designing their own app. There are many free and low-cost options to help with this project.

15. Light a bonfire and make s’mores.

16. Borrow or purchase tents on consignment and sleep under the stars. No need to go far, do this in your own back yard if you live in a neighborhood that is safe enough.

17. Help your kids create their own blog or journal. Have them record their experiences each day over the summer.

18. Take a day trip to a beach and build sand castles.

19. Sign your kids up for music lessons. Have them try their hand at the drums, sax, or clarinet.

20. Purchase an inexpensive telescope and a cheap astronomy app or book. Spend evenings looking at the stars and making memories.

21. Spend time at the local museum. Kids (and parents) can learn about fabulous topics such as Art, Ancient History, Air & Space, etc.

22. Get outside and play a good ol game of “Tag” or “Red Light, Green Light”

23. Get in the kitchen and try a new recipe. Kids love to create and even better when they get to taste their creations.

24. Take your family to an air show. Watch kids of all ages marvel as talented pilots put on a spectacular show.

25. Grab the clubs and play a round or two of miniature golf.

26. Go for a family hike at a nearby park or trail. Have kids keep a log pf all the nature they encounter during the hike. Be sure to include photos in the log and you’ve got a complete memory book.

27. Google local causes and volunteer your time. There are tons of volunteer opportunities for children such as collecting, stuffing envelopes, assembling care packages, etc.

28. Encourage your child to start their own business. Even small children can help with daily business tasks. Sell items such as rainbow loom bracelets, baked goods, and craft items.

29. Go to a sports game. Professional sports games can be very pricey so check out the area recs and leagues. Some towns even have semi-professional teams.

30. Visit the county or state fair or local carnival. Kids love to enjoy rides and games.

31. Attend an outdoor concert

32. Create a masterpiece outside with sidewalk chalk. Ramp up the fun by creating your own sidewalk chalk.

33. Grab your rod and a few worms and hit the nearest fishing hole

34. Have your kids create their own “TV Show”  or play staring them. Provide old clothes for costumes and use household items as props. Record the fun and save it for when they are older. They will be very entertained listening to themselves as youngsters.

35. Purchase an inexpensive or disposable camera for your child. Let me photograph the world around them and encourage them to hone their photography skills.

36. Pick flowers from the garden. Use old containers from the house and create bouquets to place around the house. Stop and smell the flowers now and then.

37. Make homemade greeting cards for upcoming birthdays, anniversaries, graduations, etc.

38. Hold a yard sale. Have the kids help sort, clean, and label items. Use the proceeds from the sale for a family fun night or weekend away.

39. Wash the family car. Break out the soap, sponges, and hose and sit back as the kids have a blast getting dirty while they clean the car.

40. Have your child interview a friend or family member or create a collection of interviews and bind into a book.

Stay tuned for Part 2: Ideas #41-80…

Have any great ideas? Let us know below!


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