DIY of the Day: Halloween Ribbon Wreath

I found this idea on the blog, Landeelu (check out their site at for more great ideas). I absolutely love the style and simplicity of this Halloween Ribbon Wreath. Not to mention that it’s versatile and can be used for any used season or Holiday simply by changing the wreath color and ribbon colors/patterns.

Make Your Own Ribbon Wreath:


1 sturdy Straw/Fabric wreath (any color)

Variety of ribbons (different sizes, widths, textures, etc) * Be sure to check sites like the Dollar Tree and clearance bins at craft/party supply stores for great deals on ribbon.



1) If you chose a straw wreath, wrap your wreath with one of your selected ribbons.  Preferably a solid color (black for this project). This keeps the straw from peeking through the tied ribbons.

2) Cut pieces of ribbon and tie around the wreath using a basic square knot (click here for instructions)!  Start with the wide ribbons first and then go back and fill in with the thinner ones.

3) Optional but I agree that it makes a big difference… cut the ends of all your ribbons in a V.  This gives the wreath a more finished and festive look.

4) Fluff and arrange the ribbons until you are satisfied with the final product.

5) Find a great place to hang it up!


Have you attempted this DIY? If so, share pictures with us at and we may feature your photo in a future post.

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