Party Secret #2: Kids Just Wanna Have Fun


Party Secret #2: Kids Just Wanna Have Fun
Party Season

Want to know the secret to a fantastic party (aside from an open bar đŸ˜‰ )? Want to be the envy of every host and hostess on the block? Well folks, the secret is simple!

Focus on entertaining the youngest guests first! If the youngsters are happy and occupied, weary parents have a chance to relax and recharge and trust me they will thank you for it.

Hire a local babysitter to play games and activities with the little ones. Most sitters will plan activities for you and will even bring their own supplies. This will not only take the pressure of you so you can focus on meal preparation but the kids will have a blast.

If you are party planning on a budget, try creating a special area for the kids including age appropriate activities. Set up simple board games or holiday themed crafts such as decorating gingerbread men. Try covering a table in brown craft paper, and place bundles of colored pencils and crayons in Mason jars at each seat so kids can channel their artistic side right on the table.

Entertaining doesn’t have to be expensive. Have fun with it and get the entire family involved! Happy Holidays!


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