Creative (And Memorable) Ways to Announce Pregnancy

So you’re pregnant? Congratulations! What an exciting time! You are in store for many precious milestones along the way; feeling little kicks, picking out baby’s going home outfit, and decorating the nursery just to name a few. But there is one milestone that is often overlooked – making the announcement. Before you begin to shout your good news to everyone you see, check out these creative (and memorable) ways to make the announcement to your family and friends. From the funny to the cute and clever, these ideas are guaranteed to create memories that will last a lifetime.

Due-Date Chalkboard

A chalkboard photo prop with baby’s due date makes for a beautiful and unexpected pregnancy announcement. Chalkboards can be used as individual props or combined with other items such as booties, bottles, and balloons to enhance the photo.

Do the Math

Creative (And Memorable) Ways to Announce Pregnancy

Forget about “telling” everyone you’re expecting. Let them do the math when they receive an equation themed photo. For example, 1+1=3 written on signs will provide a fantastic surprise when emailed with a caption such as “Congratulations Grandparents”!

Big Brother or Big Sister

Creative (And Memorable) Ways to Announce Pregnancy

If you already have kids, let them share the news! Jaws will drop when your child walks into your next family gathering wearing a shirt that says “I’m going to be a big sister!” or “Promoted to big sister on 2/14/15”.

T-shirt Sports Fan Reveal

Use an infant-sized jersey or sports uniform as a prop for your announcement. Theme the announcement around you or your spouse’s favorite team. Caption it with a clever message such as “Joining Our Team November 2014”.

Bump Ahead

Creative (And Memorable) Ways to Announce Pregnancy

Some of the best announcements use props from the world around them. Photograph yourself standing next to a “Bump Ahead” sign and use it to announce your impending arrival.

Baby Shoes

Creative (And Memorable) Ways to Announce Pregnancy

A pair of baby booties, placed cleverly in between Mom’s and Dad’s shoes, is a fun way to announce your pregnancy. You can also take it a little further and write the birthdates on the shoes. This is also a cute way to announce the baby’s gender by using pink or blue booties.

Coffee Mugs and a Bottle

Use a baby bottle placed in between Mom’s and Dad’s coffee mugs as an amusing way to tell family and friends that you are expecting.

Non-Furry Sibling Due

Creative (And Memorable) Ways to Announce Pregnancy

If you own a pet, you probably think of them as part of the family, so why not let them get in on the family fun? Have your pet wear a sign reading “I’m going to be a big FUR-brother on 11/10/14”.

Pregnancy Test

Creative (And Memorable) Ways To Announce Pregnancy

One of the most obvious ways to share your pregnancy news is to share a photo of the pregnancy test itself. Most people will understand the significance of sharing the test even if they can’t necessarily read it.

Framed Ultrasound Picture

Creative (And Memorable) Ways to Announce Pregnancy

So simple, just frame the ultrasound picture and hold up for the camera! This type of announcement works extremely well for those parents who choose to wait until they are closer to the second trimester to announce their pregnancy since a 14 week sonogram will be much clearer and easier to read than one taken at 6 weeks.

Bun in The Oven

It sounds cliché but why not use a bun in the oven to convey your message? This works well either in photograph or you can actually have your family and friends pull the “bun” out of the oven during a cook out or dinner party at your home.

Bear-y Cute!

One of the cutest ideas I have seen is to make a Build-a-Bear keepsake for the grandparents. You can make the bear and dress it up in pink or blue baby clothing. And don’t forget to put the baby’s name (if undecided you can always use something generic like “Baby Smith”) and due date on the bear’s certificate. Your parents will have a special keepsake that will last long after the baby is out of diapers.

Snap Reaction

Want to get an awesome photo? Surprise everyone with your fantastic news! Get together with your family and friends for a group photo. Instead of saying cheese tell everyone to say ‘I’m having a baby”. As they begin to realize what they are saying, snap the photo. It will instantly be one of your favorite candid shots.

Baby Book Announcement

Have a love of books and reading? Use a book to announce your pregnancy. Use a title such as What to Expect When You’re Expecting or The Berenstain Bears: The New Baby as a prop to help announce your news.

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