101 Awesome (And Cheap) Stocking Stuffer Ideas for Everyone On Your List

101 Awesome (And Cheap) Stocking Stuffers for Everyone on Your List
The stockings were hung by the chimney with care…

Anyone else in full on panic mode realizing that there are less than 10 days until Christmas?! Aghhhhh! So much to do, so little time. I can’t imagine the pressure that Santa must be feeling (wink, wink)! A few years ago, around this time, I found myself running out of ideas for my family’s stocking stuffers and gift bags. So I began to compile a list of all the best ideas I could gather from friends, family, the internet, and of course ideas that I had used in the past. Below are the BEST 101 items from that list which includes tons of awesome ideas. This list has helped me so much that I figured it may be helpful to other busy families. In addition, I have included a few gifting tips and some great DIY options to try (if you’re feeling crafty).

Have any ideas that aren’t on this list? Please feel free to add your suggestions in the comments below and share with the Pod community!

Happy Holidays! 


  1. play doh  (learn how to make your own sparkly play doh here)
  2. mini bubble bath
  3. patterned socks
  4. mini photo album
  5. lollipops
  6. character band aids
  7. character cup/water bottle
  8. mini boxes of cereal
  9. stickers
  10. Pez dispensers
  11. “Duck” tape (designer duct tape can be used to create tons of different projects including wallets and jewelry)
  12. silly straws
  13. glow sticks
  14. lip gloss (learn how to make your own easy lip gloss here)
  15. fruit snacks
  16. matchbox cars
  17. gift cards (think restaurants and activities)
  18. pencils/erasers
  19. costume jewelry
  20. travel game
  21. silly string
  22. magic washcloth
  23. ear buds
  24. flash drive
  25. diary/journal
  26. stretchy book covers
  27. cell phone/MP3 player case
  28. make up
  29. gel pens
  30. perfume
  31. key chain
  32. nail polish
  33. small action figures
  34. coffee samples or k-cups
  35. seed packets
  36. miniature bottles of alcohol (adults only please)
  37. bookmarks (learn how to make your own bookmarks here)
  38. toothbrush
  39. toothpaste
  40. floss
  41. tea bags
  42. note cards
  43. chocolates
  44. drill bit set
  45. flashlight
  46. tape measure
  47. mobile charger
  48. barrettes/pony tail holders
  49. calculator
  50. book light
  51. deodorant
  52. word search book
  53. gum
  54. hand sanitizer
  55. hat
  56. gloves
  57. holiday ornament (learn how to make one of my favorite DIY versions here)
  58. playing cards
  59. shot glass
  60. air fresheners
  61. candle (learn how to transfer a child’s drawing on a candle here)
  62. makeup brushes
  63. manicure/pedicure tools
  64. specialty soaps (learn how to make soothing lavender oatmeal soap here)
  65. makeup case
  66. bounce balls
  67. magazine
  68. tickets (tickets to certain venues can be pricey so for stocking stuffers it is best to stick with things like movie tickets or tickets for local sports tournaments)
  69. small stuffed animal
  70. pocket calendar
  71. DVDs (find these in sale bins throughout the year at places like Target and Wal-mart)
  72. travel tissues
  73. small puzzles
  74. apron
  75. bottle opener
  76. yo-yo
  77. Rubik’s cube
  78. personalized labels (try these personalized holiday labels – Holiday Return Address Labels)
  79. temporary tattoos
  80. a handwritten note (this isn’t necessarily store-bought but it’s definitely one of the nicest and most heartfelt gifts on this list. Take a few moments to let a loved one know how much you mean to them. The power of a hand-written note is underrated)
  81. bird feeder (learn how to make a bird feeder ornament for your favorite “tweety” here)
  82. potpourri sachet
  83. coasters (learn how to make scrabble tile coasters here. The hottest DIY gift for 2014!)
  84. magnets
  85. mouse pad (use sites such as Shutterfly and Snapfish to create a custom photo mouse pad for less than $15)
  86. lottery tickets or scratch offs
  87. calling cards (these are great gifts for college students and soldiers)
  88. sidewalk chalk
  89. poster
  90. incense
  91. gourmet spices or seasoning (I’m a bit partial to Old Bay myself 😉 )
  92. cigars
  93. business card holder
  94. CD (buy or burn a home-made mix)
  95. cookie cutters
  96. personalized luggage tags
  97. travel guide (anyone going on a trip soon?)
  98. coordinated office supplies (pen cups, paper clips, desk organizers)
  99. bluetooth speaker
  100. eyeglass repair kit
  101. travel alarm clock





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