DIY of the Day: Soup Can Mood Lighting

Make DIY mood lighting using recycled soup and vegetable cans. Add ambiance to any room or outdoor space with the quick and inexpensive project!


5 – 6 cans (soup or vegetable cans in various sizes)



tea lite candles (1 per can)

spray paint

pebbles, stone, or gravel (optional)

lighter or matches



1) Remove the labels from the cans. Soak the cans in hot soapy water for about 10-15 minutes. Scrub any remaining paper or adhesive residue and rinse with cool water. Dry the cans thoroughly.

2) Using a hammer and a nail, punch holes all over the surface of the can. For an added personal touch, punch the holes into patterns (see picture #2 above).

3) Apply 2 coats of spray paint in any color(s) you choose and allow to dry thoroughly between coats.

4) Add a tea light candle to the bottom of the can and light.

5) If you are using these luminaries outside it is recommended that you add weight to the bottom of the can to prevent them blowing tipping or blowing over. To do this add a thin layer of gravel, stone, or pebbles around the tea light candle. Be careful not to smother the candle or it will be difficult to keep lit.

6) Enjoy your luminaries!




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