DIY of the Day: Abstract Canvas Art


abstract canvas art
Apply tape & paint
abstract canvas art
Finished Project

This is a great easy project guaranteed to brighten up any drab space! This project is so easy that even the little ones can pitch in. Use colors to match your decor or add glitter for a little sparkly fun.


1  Canvas (any size, however the larger the canvas the more materials your project will require)

Assorted Acrylic Paint

Paint Brushes in various sizes (use smaller bushes to make details such as dots and lines)

1 roll 3m Painter’s Tape

1 can spray seal coat (optional)


Press the tape down firmly onto the canvas, creating any pattern you desire. See above photos for ideas. Paint different colors in each section. After paint dries, add details as as desired. Once completely dry, peel the tape off. Apply one to two coats of sealer before hanging.



3 Comments Add yours

  1. This came out so cool! 🙂


  2. Such a cute idea! I attempted something like this before but all of the paint bled beneath the tap and it was a disaster! Yours look awesome though!
    xoxo K


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