Writer’s Corner: Circumstances by Mecca Garrison

Imagine a boy who believed education was the key,

but because mama and daddy were gone;

his brother and sisters became his responsibility.

Cooking crack in the kitchen to make a

living wasn’t how it was supposed to be,

but because this was the hand he

was dealt, he had to survive at any means.

As a child he had no intentions of being a “thug”,

but to protect his neck on his waste

he carried a gun,

while in the back of his mind his ambitions

told him life doesn’t end in the slums.

Once upon a time he had dreams of being a doctor

or a lawyer, dreams of discovering the

world and adventures like Tom Sawyer.

If only he knew he could still make it if he

would just believe,

people are perfectly imperfect however

your goals you still can achieve.

Now imagine a girl, twelve years old who is a

rape victim, she is to afraid to tell

because she knows there will be criticism.

Believing that the women who gave her

birth would understand, she decides to tell mommy

but mommy turns her cheek and over her

daughter she chooses a man. Eight years later she

graduates from high school

never to be like her mother was her number

one rule. She ran away at thirteen so she was all

alone, living from shelter to shelter no place

to call home. Ready for college she is academically

able, but when it comes to the cost she is

financially unstable. Now she’s stripping to pay

tuition, for herself this is not what

she envisioned.

By the world she is misunderstood, if only

they could see her intentions are

good, college was her key to make it out the hood.

I wish she could see that to her dreams she’s

getting closer, trouble don’t last always the storm

is almost over. So go ahead and smile little

girl, someday you’ll conquer this world, he sees the

pain you endure, but trust me God has a cure.

Circumstances place us in sticky situations, but black

teen’s struggles are worst these are just two

demonstrations. So if we come together and stand as

nation, we will have the power to save our

next generation. Martin Luther King had a dream we

would all be treated equally, so no matter

the color, if a teen is in need they should be our first priority.


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