10 Hot & Trendy Hairstyles for Summer 2015

After what seemed like another endless winter here on the East Coast, the weather is finally sunny and warm. Warmer weather always inspires me to change my look and my hairstyle is usually my top priority. So after hours of perusing beauty websites, I have come up with a list of my favorite ten hairstyles for this summer for short, medium, and long hair. Use them to inspire your new look for summer! I am thinking either the Blunt Bob or the Angular Bob. Which would you choose?

1) Asymmetrical Bob (short)

hair 1

2) Peekaboo Color (all)

hair 2


3) Blunt Bob (medium)

hair 3


4) Wavy Layers (medium)

hair 4


5) Soft Curls (long)

hair 5


6) Pixie (short)

hair 6


7) Angular Bob (medium)

hair 7


8) Inverted Wedge (short)

hair 8


9) Shaggy (medium)

hair 9

10) Beachy Waves (long)

hair 10


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