DIY of the Day: Make Your Own Cold Brewed Coffee

I love coffee but during the hot summer months I much prefer an iced coffee to the traditional hot beverage. However, iced coffee and other specialty drinks can be costly when purchased on a regular basis. So why not make your own?

Cold brewing coffee does require patience but is not difficult and has some great benefits. Heat may accelerate the brewing process but it also makes coffee far more acidic. Those with regular heartburn or acid reflux may enjoy a cup of cold brewed coffee whereas hot coffee may be bothersome. In addition, cold brewing coffee eliminates most of the temperature change associated with brewing coffee allowing for a much bolder consistent flavor.

So let’s get started…


Ground coffee (approximately 11 tbsp.)

Cold water (approximately 8 cups)


Additional pitcher or large bowl


Paper towels or coffee filters

Mixing spoon


1. Place coffee grounds in a large pitcher. I used about 11 tbsp which was a little more than 1 tbsp per cup of water. You will want to use more or less depending on the quality of coffee you are using and the boldness of the flavor you require. You can use any brand of coffee or even flavored coffee to make your cold brew, but the quality of the coffee will affect the flavor so choose a high quality ground whenever possible.


2. Add cold water to the coffee grounds in the pitcher.


3. Use your mixing spoon to stir the mixture until well blended. You will end up with a liquid that resembles below.


4. Cover the mixture and place in the refrigerator. Refrigerate the liquid for a minimum of 12 hours, stirring at least once halfway through. During refrigeration the coffee grounds will soak up the water and sink to the bottom. The liquid will then begin to look more like black coffee.


5. Once refrigeration is complete, you will need to strain the coffee grounds from the mixture. Use a small strainer and place a coffee filter or paper towel inside. Place the strainer over top of a small bowl or another pitcher.


6. Slowly pour the liquid into the strainer being careful not to overfill.


7. Allow the coffee mixture to drain through the strainer. To reduce the possibility of coffee grounds in your iced coffee, you may want to consider straining the liquid twice.


8. You will end up with a rich dark cold coffee with a bold flavor. Add your favorite creamer, sugar, or just ice and enjoy!



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