DIY of the Day: Marbled Clay Dish

I have a confession to make…I am in LOVE – with these beautiful DIY plates!! This idea comes from the amazing bloggers over at A Beautiful Mess. They have found a way to transform a simple clay dish into a genuine work of art. You can also use them for a ton of purposes including such as jewelry dishes or candle holders. This project is definitely at the top of my list! Everyone bow down to the new DIY gods 😉

Find the instructions below or read the original post at Enjoy!


1 lb. soft white oven bake clay

1/2 lb. soft colored oven bake clay (you will need 4 colors for a total of about a 1/2 lb. Bright colors such as neons mixed with neutrals like black, grey, and tan seem to work very well for this project.)

Gold liquid gilding (found at most craft supply stores)

small paintbrush

Glaze to seal the dish

Small bowl or baking ramekin that is oven safe

X-acto knife or plastic clay knife

Rolling pin or large jar

Large can or jar


clay marbled dish step by step
Photo credits: Laura Gummerman and Sarah Rhodes. Photos edited with Stella from A Beautiful Mess

1) Choose 4 colors of oven bake clay. In the image above black, grey, neon pink, and neon orange clay were used.

2) Roll the white clay into two thick strips about 6″ long.

3) Roll each of the other colors into 1 thin strip each about 5″ long. When your strips are completed, you should have enough clay, when combined, will cover the bottom of your piece.

4) Twist the colored strips around one of the thicker white strips. Then twist the other white strip around the others.

5) Roll the large strip into a long snake about twice the strip’s original length. Once it’s twice the length, fold the snake in half and twist the two ends together. Repeat the rolling, folding, twisting, and rolling again process 2- 3 more times.

6) Smush the clay into a ball. Most of the color should be on the surface of the ball. If not, cut in half, turn over, and smush back together.

7) Use a rolling pin or glass jar, roll out your marbled ball.  The colors should blend together and create a marbled pattern as you roll over it. Try rolling different directions, from the edge, from the center, etc. to push the clay from different angles. Roll to about 1/4″ thick.

8) Use a round item (such as a large can or jar about the same size around as your dish) as a template and cut out your dish circle with an X-Acto or clay knife.

9) Place your circle gently into a oven-safe bowl or ramekin that is a little smaller than your circle so it will sag a little in the center and give you more of a dish shape. Bake the bowl according to the temperature on the clay package (usually about 15-20 minutes at 275°F).

10) Remove the bowl from the oven and allow the clay to cool before turning the larger bowl upside down and tapping lightly until the clay dish falls out. The clay will still be a bit flexible even after cooling. This is normal and it should still hold its shape just fine.

11) Once the clay is completely cool, use a small brush to paint the rim of the dish and allow the paint to dry. You could also try painting the underside of the dish for a more dramatic effect.

12) Seal the dish with a glaze if you desire. For an added effect, use a sparkle glaze to add some shimmer to your finished piece. The glaze will not make the item food safe or dishwasher safe.

clay marbled dish
Photo credits: Laura Gummerman and Sarah Rhodes. Photos edited with Stella from A Beautiful Mess

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