Fall Family Bucket List: 50 Amazing Activities

All good things must come to an end; and unfortunately, summer is no exception. If the return of pumpkin everything and a new school year wasn’t enough of a reminder that our summer is quickly waning, the recent crispness in the morning air sure is. But never fear, Fall has a lot to offer and there are tons of great activities for all ages. From the traditions of Halloween to apple picking and pumpkin pie, Fall can be one of the best seasons for family fun. Since the weather in early Fall is typically much more mild than in summer it allows for an abundance of both indoor and outdoor activities.

The sun is shining and nature is everywhere. Take advantage of this fall to create lifelong memories with your family. Following is a list of my best family tested ideas. Have fun creating your own family adventures!

1.                  Go on a nature hike and look for signs of fall. Are the leaves changing color?   Has the weather begun to change? Check out our fall slideshow for inspiration  if you can’t get out!

Fall Family Bucket List
Fall Family Bucket List

2.                  Bake an apple pie. Consider baking a few and donating them to the school bake sale or soup kitchen.

3.                  Volunteer together as a family.

4.                  Make popcorn trees to use as centerpieces for tables or desks. Spray the popcorn with paint before assembling for multi-color creativity.

5.                  Play flag football.

6.                  Make your own Halloween costume. Use sites likes Pinterest for great ideas and patterns.

Fall Family Bucket List
Fall Family Bucket List

7.                  Make some big leaf prints using washable paint, paper (or canvas) and leaves as stamps. Give them away as holiday or birthday gifts.

8.                 Make pumpkin pancakes for Sunday morning breakfast.

9.                 Make and play with play dough.

10.              Go on a fall camping trip either at a campground or in your own back yard. Be sure to pack tents, air beds, camping stove, and other necessities.

Fall Family Bucket List
Fall Family Bucket List

11.              Make bird feeders using pine cones, peanut butter, honey, and seeds. Tie a string to them to hang them from trees or porches.

12.              Go to a pumpkin patch and pick pumpkins. Pumpkins can be used for a ton of different fall activities. Carve or paint pumpkins to use a fall décor. Or try a pumpkin baking extravaganza with roasted pumpkin seeds, pumpkin pie, pumpkin pancakes, and pumpkin spice rolls.

Fall Family Bucket List
Fall Family Bucket List

13.              Make applesauce.

14.              Make a thankful tree to display on the family table. Have each member of the family contribute at least 1 things for which they are thankful.

15.              Make hand print turkeys using paper plates and crayons or markers. Have children decorate their “turkeys” with beads, feathers, and buttons, all of which can be found at the local craft store.

16.              Visit a corn maze and spend the evening working on life-size puzzles.

17.              Go apple picking and have children take part.  Use the apples to make applesauce and candy apples, two fall favorites.

Fall Family Bucket List
Fall Family Bucket List

18.             Make and play with a fall sensory bucket. This is a great activity for toddlers and will appeal to many of their senses.

19.              Have a family movie night.

20.              Rake the leaves…and then play in them. Playing in leaves has been a long time fall favorite for children all over.

21.              Drink apple cider.  Buy or make apple cider and enjoy it with a snack or family meal.

22.              Carve a pumpkin.

23.              Roast pumpkin seeds.

24.              Go star-gazing. The combination of cool crisp air and clear skies makes Fall one of the best times of the year for star-gazing.

Fall Family Bucket List
Fall Family Bucket List

25.              Go on a backyard scavenger hunt.

26.              Decorate your windows for fall.

27.              Have a Halloween party.

28.              Make a list of what you are thankful for and post it in a place where you will see it regularly.

Fall Family Bucket List
Fall Family Bucket List

29.              Boldly wear the color orange. Bright earth tone colors such as orange, red, and green are both bold and trendy fashion statements this fall.

30.              Have a bonfire and make s’mores. Because everyone loves s’mores!

31.              Make and enjoy homemade hot chocolate.

32.              Attend a fall festival.

33.              Take a hay ride at a farm. Bring along some hot chocolate or apple cider for a fall-themed refreshment.

Fall Family Bucket List
Fall Family Bucket List

34.              Visit a petting zoo.

35.              Plant flower bulbs for next spring (tulips, daffodils, etc).

36.              Make a scarecrow using old clothes and hay or tissue.

37.              Start or join a walking club in your neighborhood. This will encourage your kids to make new friends and you may even make a few yourself.

38.              Hold a Fall themed family show-n-tell. Have each member of the family bring their favorite fall-related item to share with the group.

39.              Hold a fall photo shoot. You can hire a photographer or take your own photos. Use nature’s fall color as your backdrop.

40.              Have a picnic outside.

41.              Enjoy a kayaking trip.

42.              Visit a haunted house.

43.              Visit the local library and read about everything Fall.

44.              Visit the local farmer’s market.

Fall Family Bucket List
Fall Family Bucket List

45.              Attend a concert or play at the local high school. Not only will you help support local schools but you may also inspire a love of the arts in your children.

46.              Feed the ducks and geese at a local park or pond.

47.              Decorate the house for Halloween.

Fall Family Bucket List
Fall Family Bucket List

48.              Hold a family game night. Break out the old board games for a fun-filled evening.

49.              Write a letter to a pen pal or family member who lives far away

50.              Host a fall field day. Invite friends and hold races like a relay race or potato sack race.


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