Awesome Pumpkin Crafts for Kids

The cooler temperatures of fall are a great time to work on a few indoor craft projects. And what better homage to fall than crafting pumpkins! But, these aren’t your everyday traditional pumpkins such as the lit jack o’ lanterns that used to line walkways and adorn front porches during trick or treat festivities. Many of these pumpkins can be made with items sitting around your home or back yard and can be used for seasons to come. Check out these amazing pumpkin crafts perfect for the entire family!

Painted pumpkins – Painting pumpkins is a fantastic way to create a jack o’ lantern without the dangers of dealing with knives and sharp carving instruments. In fact, painting a jack o’ lantern is probably the best way to create one if you are planning to use the pumpkin for seeds or pulp to make pies and other desserts. All you will need for this project is a round non-porous shape such as a solid colored Styrofoam ball, rubber ball, or an actual pumpkin, paint, and paint brushes. If you want to stick with a traditional look, showcase your painting skills on a real pumpkin but keep in mind that the pumpkin will go bad at some point and won’t last longer than a season. I have seen entire murals painted on pumpkins so don’t be afraid to get creative. The sky is the limit with this project!

Yarn wrapped pumpkins – For this craft, use a real pumpkin to act as your base. Purchase various colors of yarn from a craft store such as Michael’s in Owings Mills. You can use one color or blend yarn colors for an interesting look. It is best to stick with fall colors such as orange, yellow, brown, and red. Using your first color of yarn, make two to three loops around the stem of the pumpkin and tie the string in a knot to hold it in place. Begin to wrap the pumpkin length ways covering the entire pumpkin with yarn until you can no longer see the pumpkin itself. If you are using multiple colors repeat this process for each of the colors. However you won’t want to wrap the pumpkin completely with each color but will instead blend the colors together by wrapping each of them partially around the pumpkin. Once your pumpkin is covered, cut the yarn at the end and knot it around the stem once more to finish your project.

Toilet paper pumpkins – Who knew toilet paper could be decorated in such a cute way?! Start with a 2×2 square sheet of decorative fabric (you can always trim the fabric if it is too large). This can be purchased relatively cheaply at a craft store such as Joanne Fabrics in Owings Mills. Wrap the fabric around a roll of toilet paper and tuck the sides in to the hole at the top of the roll. Then twist a small brown paper bag into a spiral shape to make a stem. Tuck the “stem” into the top of the hole. Last, use hot glue to attach a few leaves (real or faux) at the side of the stem. Mix fall prints with solid color fabrics for a gorgeous and inexpensive (and reusable) seasonal display.

Flower pot pumpkins – The outdoor gardening season may be coming to a close but your flower pots can get some great use well beyond the summer. Paint a clay or plastic flower pot orange (or purchase orange flower pots). When the paint has dried, turn the pot over so that the flat base is on top. Stencil on your jack o’ lantern’s face with a black sharpie or paint. Break a twig or small branch in half and push it through the drain hole of the flower pot to act as a stem. Top it off by hot gluing a few leaves around the “stem”. This is a great indoor or outdoor decoration.

Soup can pumpkins – Does your family like to enjoy a bowl or two of soup in the fall? If so, save those soup cans and turn them into adorable pumpkins! Soak a soup can in warm soapy water to remove the label. Once clean and dried, paint the soup can orange. If you are making several of them, try using different paint hues for an extra flair. Once the paint is dry, turn the can upside down and attach a wine bottle cork to the top of the can as a stem. Attach a few leaves to the top to complete your pumpkin. For a little added decoration, tie thin twine in a bow around the bottom or center of the can.

Water bottle pumpkins – Plastic water bottles can be recycled and made into a number of things but this one is definitely one of my favorites. Soak the water bottle in warm soapy water to remove the label. After the bottle is soaked and dried, you can draw on your jack o’ lantern face or use construction paper to create the eyes, nose, and mouth for your “pumpkin”. Last, use any type of orange material to fill the bottle and create the look of your orange pumpkin. Feel free to get creative with this step and use things like tissue paper, beads, small buttons, glitter, or even water with orange food coloring to fill your pumpkin. If these will be used for young children, you may want to consider gluing the cap of the bottle on using a little hot glue.

Have fun, get creative, and most of all enjoy the time spent crafting these pumpkins with your “little “pumpkins!


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