13 Awesome Ways to Survive #Blizzard2016

Winter Storm Jonas has proven to be a record-breaking winter event along the East coast. In fact, in my area in Maryland, it is now the all time highest snowfall record from a single storm and I have recorded a solid 31″ of snowfall myself. To my family and friends up North in New York and Massachusetts a storm of this magnitude is par for the course however for some areas a storm of that size has the ability to paralyze daily activities such as work and school. Fortunately for me my children are old enough to play independently and I can work at home but others aren’t so lucky. We’ve purchased our bread, milk, and 60 pack of toilet paper to ensure our chance of survival 😉 But what the hell are you going to do over the next several days until the roads are dug out?

Truthfully, blizzards are not for the faint of heart. Check out my video from earlier today when the storm began to intensify.

Bad attitudes are definitely contagious in cramped quarters, and you’re going to need a whole lot of patience to deal with both the little ones and the big ones. The time together doesn’t have to be a total disaster. The good news is that there are plenty of things to do during a blizzard – and they don’t all involve actually stepping out into the frozen tundra that is now your front yard. In fact, there are even ideas for activities to do if you lose power. So choose of few of these (or maybe all of them depending on how long we are stuck) and get ready. “Old man winter” is here once again!

Create Art

Now if the perfect time to whip out the adult coloring book that you got for Christmas that you thought you would never use.  A blizzard is the perfect time to have a little art sesh. Or if painting is more your thing, dust of your brushes and grab your acrylics. Kids love arts and crafts projects so this is a great activity for them as well. All of you can work on one page together, or make your own art gallery with all of your creations. Didn’t have time to dart to Michael’s to pick up some craft kits? That’s ok! Gathering items from around the house will produce more than enough materials for some extraordinary creations. Find the crayons, markers, scissors, glitter, and glue, then search your recycling bin for paper towel rolls, toilet paper rolls, plastic bags, cardboard, shoe boxes. Also try things like cotton balls and empty plastic containers.

Watch A Series or Trilogy

This might be the weekend you want to renew that Netflix subscription. Choose a TV or movie series you have wanted to watch and dive right in. If you don’t have a Netflix subscription, try the free on demand listings offered by your cable provider. The movies may be older but I am certain you will find a few great titles, perhaps even ones you’ve never seen.

Play Old School Games

Thanks to technology, board games and card games seem like lost genres when it comes to the gaming world. But they are an absolute blast at any age and usually don’t require electric. For children, try games like Sorry, Connect 4, & The Game of Life. For adults, try hosting a rousing game of Monopoly or Spades.


New Year’s Resolutions? What New Year’s Resolutions? Diet schmiet! Snow storms are the perfect time practice your baking skills. Breads, cookies, and cakes are just a few of the yummy goods you can try your hand at. Bake something absolutely delicious and let the kids help stir, measure, and crack eggs. It’s like school, but with cookies 🙂 As an added bonus, most baked goods are freezer friendly which means you can make them now and enjoy them later.

Photo Journalism

If you absolutely hate being snowed in, you could bundle up and venture out into the blizzard to take photos and document the event. This has become a record-breaking event for many areas, so take photos and share your snow snaps with everyone on social media. Tweet your best photos or share them on Facebook using the hashtag #blizzard2016.

Make Snow Ice Cream

snow ice cream

Well this might not be helping the diet either, but your kids will love this activity. Make snow ice cream. It’s fun, easy, and pretty good to. Take 4 cups of fresh snow (place out bowls to collect snow after it has snowed for a few hours) and mix it with 1 tsp. of vanilla extract and 1/4 cup (or less) of white sugar. Add 1 cup of any type of milk and stir. Place in the freezer for about 30 minutes to re-harden. Scoop and enjoy!

Snowball Fight

Alright! Even though it’s going to take 30 annoying minutes to shove everyone into their snowsuits and the 10 additional layers necessary to combat the cold, just do it. It’s a blizzard after all. And snowball fights are epic!

Build A Fort

This one’s especially fun for kids if you lose power, so be sure to find your flashlights too. Pile pillows up and stretch blankets out over your pile to make the ultimate comfy fort. Your fort can be as big or as small as your space will allow. You might even enjoy this more than the little ones.


Yeah, I know. Doesn’t sound very fun. But hey, you’re stuck at home, it needs to be done, and you will feel better if you just do it. Case closed.

Tackle A Long Overdue Project

After you have cleaned 😉 , look at your to do list and review some of those projects you have put off. Do you need to organize your closets? Need to choose a summer camp for this kids this year? Or do you have a business project that needs to be handled? Take advantage of the fact that you are stuck inside and get it done!

Have a Blizzard Party

I know you don’t need an excuse for a party but here’s one. Let’s celebrate the blizzard! Invite your family, friends, and neighbors for a fun sleep-over. Have everyone bring sleeping bags and a dish to enjoy for a potluck meal. Great food and good company can make any storm easier to weather. And since no one is going anywhere, enjoy a few cocktails too!

Plan A Vacation

Dreaming of blue skies and sunny beaches? Why not plan a vacation while you’re stuck at home? Maybe it’s a 2 day getaway with your sweetie or a 10 day-dream trip to Disney with the family, whatever it is take some time to get it put on the calendar. Looking at photos of your getaway destination may go a long way to combating the blizzard blues.


Breathe in, breathe out. Ok, so it’s a little more complicated than that but not much. Meditation has been known for ages as an effective way to relieve stress and clear your mind. And besides you have nothing to lose. Try it! Find a quiet comfortable place. Put on some soft music or soothing sounds. Sit with legs crossed. Inhale slowly through your nose and exhale slowly through your mouth. Focus on your breathing rather than your thoughts. If it helps, repeat a mantra.

Whatever you do, be safe, be warm, and have fun! Just think, Spring is only 9 Mondays away!


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