Fun Date Night Ideas

Is there is a stranger living in your home? A stranger who looks vaguely familiar? Well, it’s your partner, but between children, work obligations, managing a home, having an active social calendar, and everything in between it can be easy to fall into a pattern of neglecting your other half. If this sounds familiar to you, don’t worry you are not alone! Many couples often find themselves separated by life’s events. It can be a challenge to find the time and energy to devote to that special person in your life. But with a little creativity (and maybe some spontaneity) it is possible to enjoy some quality time with your sweetie. Below you will find a few of my favorite date ideas to put the spark back into your romance!

Awesome Date Night Ideas
Kayaking Couples

Day Date

I realize it’s called date night but who says the date has to be at night?! Have a day date and save yourself money. For example, instead of dinner at a trendy new restaurant try having lunch there instead. Lunch menus tend to be lighter and a bit more inexpensive. Not to mention that your date is likely to be much more intimate since restaurants tend to be less crowded during the day than in the prime dining hours of the evening . If you are looking to do something different than the traditional meal, try an outdoor activity (weather permitting) such as hiking, biking, or one of my personal favorites, kayaking. Or even pack up a small cooler and enjoy a lunch-time picnic under the trees. Many outdoor activities are low cost or free and are great opportunities to spend some quality time with your loved one.

Amazing Date Night Ideas
Mini Golfing


Spend the afternoon or evening hitting golf balls around challenging obstacles. Perhaps you haven’t done this since you were a kid but miniature golfing can be a really fun way to bond. Spend 18 holes perfecting your swing and reconnecting with your loved one. Not only is this an inexpensive way to get out together but there’s definitely something therapeutic about acting like a kid again. If weather is a factor, locate an indoor course and play all day regardless of whether it’s cold or rainy.

Tourist Tendencies

When’s the last time you toured your own city? Pretend as if you are a tourist visiting a new town for the first time. Are there particular landmarks or monuments that you have not yet seen? A new exhibit at the local museum? Or maybe there’s an art festival at a nearby park that you have been wanting to attend? Grab your camera and make some new memories! This is a great idea for an extended date.

Amazing Date Night Ideas
Romantic Dancing


It’s a classic date night event but for a good reason! Dancing is not only a great way to reduce stress but it’s also a fantastic way to bond with your better half. There is no better way to rekindle romance than dancing cheek to cheek especially if it’s under the stars. It can be as simple as an MP3 player on your deck with a few candles for ambiance (and safety) or get dressed up and visit a local dance club or lounge.

Game Night

Who doesn’t love a good old fashion board or card game? Go back to your younger days and pull out your old Jenga, Scrabble, and Monopoly games. Or grab a deck of cards and play some oldies but goodies such as gin rummy, war, bridge, or spades. This date idea works well for couples who prefer a quiet evening at home or for those who may not have the money in their budget for a sitter.

Amazing Date Night Ideas

Dessert Date

Couples with a sweet tooth will love this one! Why have dinner when all you really want is dessert?! Eating together is great but making food together is even better. Plan a fun evening at home making some of your favorite treats like cookies, mousse, and chocolate covered strawberries. After the treats are prepared, taste test your creations with a glass of wine or champagne. Make too much? Donate the leftovers to a local church or send them in as a special treat for your child’s class. Just be sure to check with your child’s teacher regarding food restrictions first.

See A Show 

Depending on the area in which you live, you may have a plethora of choices when it comes to the arts. If you are being cost conscious check out local venues such as community colleges or lounges for inexpensive tickets to events like plays, comedy shows, and concerts. Whatever you choose, make sure that it’s a show that you both want to see.

 Sunday Driver

When all else fails, pack up a few snacks, get in the car, and drive until heart’s content. This is a great date for couples who are adventurous and would like to explore their surroundings. Along the way you may find cool antique shops, garage sales, restaurants serving delicious local cuisine, and maybe even meet a few new friends.

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