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Do you have advice, tips, or an opinion that you would like to share? Do you want to inspire and motivate others with your story? Three Peas Services is excited to announce that we are looking for writers to help share and further the knowledge and discussions of our community, The Pod. The Pod is looking for quality content in the form of articles, videos, infographics, and slide shows. We especially love How To articles and Top 10-style lists but welcome any style of content as long as it meets our requirements. Content does not need to be original (i.e. it has been previously published on your blog) however you must be the content owner. The general content themes should focus around life & style topics such as family, health, beauty, DIY, fashion, small business, and food. Please see below for guest post writing prompts.

Why you should be a guest blogger on The Pod

  1. Tell your story and share your ideas by adding value to our network of over 800 subscribers.
  2. Validate your thinking and perspectives while growing your writing portfolio and resume.
  3. Communicate with The Pod community and build connections with others in the network.
  4. Stand out and grow your social media influence and authority in a particular industry or topic. Our guest posts are distributed to thousands of additional connections on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Tumblr, and Google+. In addition, guest blogger profiles are featured on this page and link to a site of your choice.
  5. It’s FUN! Writing is a wonderfully creative process which can be extremely relaxing and cathartic. Perhaps you’ll be inspired to start your own blog!

Interested in submitting a post? Read on to understand what type of post will be accepted.

Blog Post Requirements:

  • Owned content – YOU, personally, have researched/written the article
  • Post should be a minimum of 1000 words
  • Correct spelling and grammar are required
  • Linking to sources is permitted when it adds value to the post. Articles that are submitted with spam links or links to offensive material will be denied and deleted immediately.
  • The Pod requires the rights to the content (with attribution). This means that we have the authority to republish your article in any print publications or on social media networks without contacting you. We are happy to give you credit for the article and will post your bio (and any associated links) at the end of your submission. We will also include your information in any guest blogger promotions such as web pages and directories.
  • The Pod reserves the right to edit a post before it is published.
  • Submit a professional photo and short bio to be included with the blog posting. Your bio may include one link.

Blog Post Writing Prompts

Need ideas? Choose one of the writing prompts below or send your own idea!


1) How parenthood has changed me

2) Why I chose to/not to breastfeed


1) My decision to/not to vaccinate

2) The best ways to combat postpartum depression


1) How to properly contour your eyes

2) What beauty means to me


1) Awesome things to make for your home under $20

2) Guide to beginning candle making


1) How to dress for your shape

2) Best dressed/worst dressed lists


1) 10 Great party cocktails

2) My favorite recipe

Small Business

1) Effective ways to market with social media

2) Top skills needed in today’s job market

Interested in submitting a post? Read on to understand what type of post will be accepted.

When your blog post is ready email it to:

In the email please include the following:

  • Email Subject – Blog Post Submission
  • Email Body – Blog Post, short biography, and photo

Please note that all posts will be reviewed and go through a quality assurance process and may be queued based on planned content themes and other deadlines or obligations. Authors will be notified by email with the publish date of the post.

We look forward to your submissions!

Guest Blogger Profiles

Andrey Gidaspov

By: Guest Blogger, Andrey Gidaspov

Bio: Andrey Gidaspov is a published author, creative fundraiser, and a passionate “dot connector.” He is passionate about connecting people and ideas, creating new social ventures and helping non-profit organizations find new funding streams. Follow him on Twitter (@AndreyGidaspov) and check out his blog ( for more useful tips on creativity, innovative marketing and fundraising.

Andrey’s Posts: 7.5 Top Blogging Secrets in 7 Minutes: How to Write Your Best Blog Post. Ever.

Ashley Sharie

Ashley Sharie_3-15

Bio: Savvy gov employee by day and jill-of all-trades by night. I am a twenty something blogger, novice photographer, and full-time food enthusiast. A lover of all things dope. Connect with Ashley at

Ashley’s Posts: The Truth About Dating A Single Parent

Brittney Herz

brittney herz

Bio: My name is Brittney Herz, I am a librarian, writer, and teacher living on the Eastern Shore of Maryland. I have one daughter who constantly keeps me on my toes and a fiancé who deals with living with two hyperactive girls. When I’m not playing with blocks and blowing bubbles I’m usually writing, reading, crafting, or trying to figure out how to live gluten-free (still not the best at it).

My blog is called “Improving Indifference”. It focuses mostly on educational initiatives for parents to help bring some education activities into the home and to help inspire children and teens to take an interest in their own education. However, there are other related posts so check it out at!

Brittney’s Posts: One Mother’s Choice NOT to Breastfeed

George Bloom

By: Guest Blogger, George Bloom. Connect with George at


George’s Posts: Talk About It Tuesday: Stroke – Could Your Family Be At Risk

Nichole Little

Nichole Little_4-15

Bio: Hi there! I’m Nichole. I started blogging back in 2009 when I realized I could take my lifelong love of writing and combine it with my new hobby of cooking and baking. The recipes on my blog are kind of all over the place not really following a specific theme. A lot of bloggers have an arsenal of family recipes to share with their readers, but seeing as my mother is not much of a cook, I tend to make anything and everything that catches my eye. Connect with Nichole at

Nichole’s Posts: Eats & Treats: Easter Kit Kat Cake

Eats & Treats: Memorial Day Burgers

Eats & Treats: Strawberry Pizza

Tom Kuegler

Thomas Kuegler_3-15

Bio: Disney enthusiast, marketing major, and blogger. Connect with Tom at

Tom’s Posts: 9 Not-So-Obvious Family Activities at Disney World


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